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Alexandra Morton "Farm Troubles" CTV W5

Producer: Barry Backus

Reporter: Peter Akman

Farmed Atlantic salmon is big business in B.C., but the science on whether or not fish farms on the B.C. coast are a threat to the local wild Pacific salmon population is still murky. CTV's Peter Akman wades into the controversy. Broadcast October 13, 2017

A Day to Remember CTV W5

Producer: Barry Backus

Reporter: Tom Kennedy
From wedding designers to spectacular locations, W5 takes viewers inside the splashy modern world of weddings. Feb.2014

Wanting Qu "From the Heart CTV W5

Producer: Barry Backus

Reporter: Janis Mackey Freyer

Vancouver pop singer-songwriter Wanting Qu is a celebrity most Canadians have scarcely heard of, and yet she is one of the most famous artists in the world. Wanting is a huge star in Asia, with more than 700 million fans. She has two albums, which went platinum, and deep roots in Canada. March 2015

Out of Bounds

Speed Gliding Sizzle

Producer, Camera, Editor: Barry Backus 

Spring Skiing Whistler March 2015

Messing with the GoPro

Camera, Editor: Barry Backus

Rise Tutoring 1 minute web commercial
Producer, Camera, Editor: Barry Backus

Clockwork Mice Feature Film Trailer

Editor: Barry Backus

Deep Worker

Producer, Editor: Barry Backus

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