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Various Video Clips and Promos

Poe - Last Days of the Raven

Feature Film

​Editor / Co-Producer

BEST FEATURE FILM at  the Cinema City International Film Festival, at Universal Studios in LA



Never Did Like That Train, Murray McLauchlan

Music Video - True North Records

Editor Barry Backus

16 mm film

Airhead Diaries

Pilot Reaity series in Development

Editor / Co-Producer Barry Backus

AirHead Diaries is a documentary series on the sport of Paragliding as seen through the eyes of Canadian extreme adventurer/filmmaker Peter Chrzanowski. It features six friends who call Pemberton, B.C. their home base.

Airhead Diaries is about the bonds that occur in the gliding community. It's about the remote locations they fly in and the eccentric friends they meet. It's about the culture of flying.

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