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Phil Nyutten - CanDive

Lost treasures, oil rigs, pipelines, undersea salvage and sunken ships… unraveling the mysteries of life on Mars… strange prehistoric sea creatures… ROV's and personal submarines built for the ridiculously rich… it’s all in a day’s work for diving legend Phil Nuytten and his team of commercial divers at CanDive. Each week we follow Phil and his passionate team as they encounter undersea challenges and devise technology to solve some very real problems.

(In Development)

"The deployment of DeepWorker submersibles into Pavilion Lake, in British Columbia is a unique opportunity to advance the long-term objective of human exploration of the Moon and Mars. "


The Job: Phil and his team train an energetic group of young scientists and an astronaut from NASA to pilot the DeepWorker, a one man submersible that dives to depths of 2000 feet.


The astrobiologists will use the vehicle to explore the depths of a mysterious lake in British Columbia where they are doing research on fresh water coral called microbiailites.  They hope this will lead to solving questions about life on Mars.  


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